[Neos] Installing NEOS on LAMPP

Nicolas Forgerit hello at nicolasforgerit.com
Thu Aug 7 11:43:38 CEST 2014

> On 07 Aug 2014, at 10:45, Martin <martinstockffm at googlemail.com> wrote:
> At first, thank you for your time and your help. 
Np, you just reminded me about myself and my first clumsy steps. ;) There were people that helped me and i was thankful to their help. If it makes you stick to Linux and the TYPO3 community (both of them being excellent choices, Sir), i reached my goal.

But, please don’t just cook “by recipe” and always reflect about the inner workings and how the things fit into the general context. 

This time, you would notice that you always need a Webserver (Apache), a Database (MySQL) and a PHP Runtime for Neos and other PHP-based software. Those are basic building blocks that come across you time and time again. And you now know how to set them up. 
If you’re going with professional Software Development, you will be doing this tons of times again until you might automate it or use some fancy tool. But firstly, learn what it really does! :)

Generally, read as much as you can about everything and try to learn from other people. And especially, always ask yourself if you can solve a problem by yourself or if not, which concrete information you are missing towards that. Then you can ask “informed questions” and will be treated less harsh by other people. You’ll never learn anything if you just copy other’s solutions but they serve well as a warm start.

> PHP is now working, the MySQL Database and phpmyadmin are seeming to work now.
> We can start with the installation of NEOS. 
> Please give me a short tutorial with several steps to go. 
> Or tell me where to install the composer and the NEOS data.
Okay, how about this manual? ;)

I’d suggest to download the Neos 1.1.0 archive and extract it to 
. Your apache.conf will be in 
, your document root will be
and don’t forget to comment out the line 
	 SetEnv FLOW_CONTEXT Production
by prefixing it with a hashmark #.

If it does not work, firstly look into the apache error and access logs and ask an informed question! :P

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