[Neos] Neos JavaScript Refactoring Work RFC

Rens Admiraal rens.admiraal at typo3.org
Thu Aug 7 11:11:19 CEST 2014

Hey all,

Sebastian Kurfürst schreef op 07/08/14 10:29:
> Hey everybody,
> thanks for your input on that topic and your feedback :-) So I take that
> as a general "yes" that (paid) work should be done in these areas.
> In the meantime, I also talked to Rens, who'd be also interested in
> working on some of these topics; so we decided to join forces. Of
> course, anybody else who is interested would also be welcome to join.
> Regarding the topics: I'd suggest to split the time 50/50, half of it
> going to these "smaller bugfixes" and "review queue cleanup" you all
> mentioned.
> For the other half, we'd still like to work on Content Editing
> Refactoring, even though Aske said "the product would not benefit much".
> I quite a lot disagree there; for me it's one of the biggest places
> where we have *huge* technical debt; limiting new features and having
> tons of hidden bugs in there which we did not discover yet.

I fully agree. I also think that the benefit for refactoring this part 
would be that we can more easily fix the bugs we find and improve the 
user experience a lot!

> Regarding the *timing*; I'd like to start in about 1,5 weeks, in the
> week before the Kiel code sprint. Then the Kiel code sprint happens
> (where obviously no paid work is being done), and then afterwards in the
> weeks in September/beginning of October we'd work on that.

For me about the same regarding the timing as I still have to practice 
being 'offline' for about a week ;)

> I'd like to keep you updated every few days of work with a post to this
> mailing list.
> Greets and thanks,
> Sebastian

A side project I started is a wrapper package for CR as a CQRS / 
Event-sourcing try-out. This package is for a small part funded by a 
project we work on, but is a good check to see how event-sourcing could 
help. I now work on this together with Thomas Maroschik. I don't know 
about companies interested in this topic, but if there's interest from 
the EAB (not directly on Neos budget I'd say) or companies that read 
this: we are of course open to more support :-)

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