[Neos] Server error when trying to install on Shared Host

Nick nick at jamalade.com
Wed Sep 18 19:17:59 CEST 2013

Hi all

After setting up Neos and testing on my dev machine (Mac) I have been trying to install alpha5 on my shared host.

I tarballed a clean download of release alpha5 and put this on my shared host.
After extracting I set up the following

I set up a subdomain i.e. neos.mydomain.com to point to my neos 'Web' folder (via cpanel)

I then created a

and then because the setup couldn't get the path to php, I created the Settings.yaml

       phpBinaryPathAndFilename: '/usr/local/bin/php'

i then pointed my browser to neos.mydomain.com/setup

And all looked ok as it come up with the initial setup screen confirming environment then i got:

"Sorry this service is currently not available.

This site is locked for carrying out important maintenance and will be back online in a moment.

This page will reload automatically once the site becomes available again."

Then I got the following!

"500 Internal Server Error

An internal error occurred.

When contacting the maintainer of this application please mention the following reference code:


Any ideas of what might be wrong, or what  to check would be appreciated

Many thanks


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