[Neos] [FYI] Scrum Meeting Notes 19.08.13

Aske Ertmann aske at moc.net
Tue Sep 10 09:34:30 CEST 2013

Scrum Meeting Notes - 19.08.2013


ⓘ Permanent Scrum Hangout: http://bit.ly/FlowHangouthttps://notes.typo3.org/p/renaming-technical-todo
ⓘ Bi-weekly Neos meeting: http://wiki.typo3.org/TYPO3_Neos-DiscussionMeetings


✔ 1 week Kiel
✔ preparing Code Sprint
☠⚒ 1 week Kiel
➜ Getting back to Flow and Neos work


♫ got a new job ;-) http://rlmk.me/1a2rvQf
♫ first full-day of Neos / Flow with the new job
♫ happy Jira user now (as part of the new job)
✔ worked a few more days on (cloud) resource management for Flow 2.1
✔ reviewed a few patches
✔ caught up on latest Neos master
✔ scheduled Neos coordination meeting with Berit / Christian / Karsten for Thursday 17:00 CEDT
➜ more reviews, especially https://review.typo3.org/#/c/22825/1


✔ lots of minor improvements to Fluid & documentation
✔ Discussed Fluid dev with “CMS people” and finally merged Marcs “Views.yaml”-Change
✔ started working on internal/external link support for Neos (#45217)
	☠ need assistance with JS
	➜ continue with that
➜ evaluate solutions for commenting on *.typo3.org, contact assoc re legal conditions
	➜ www.wwwision.de/disqus
ⓘ played around with REST protocols ➜ work on tutorial


✔ Holiday https://twitter.com/renst3/status/369179315063111680/photo/1
✔ Used my free time to do some thinking about localization / cqrs
☠ Holiday extension pack - Flu Edition
☠ Mac is still noisy by usage of Chrome / Flash / Google Hangout plugin
☠ Still have to buy a replacement for my broken headset :s
➜ Back to work to finish workpackage (prob. about 50% of the workweek over upcoming months)
ⓘ T3CON13 talk about surf is accepted


✔ Updated the flexible plugin integration based on the current Flow + Neos changes
➜ Toyed around with MongoDB: https://github.com/mneuhaus/Famelo.MongoDB (based on Radmiraal.CouchDB)
➜ created a WIP Patch showing advantages of a bit more interactive Flow commands: 


☠ way too many changes under review currently
✔ a lot of changes pushed waiting for reviews
✔ fixed Flow tests with PHPUnit 3.8
✔ Ttree.Oembed now has a Neos content type
✔/➜ decide open license “issues” (see spreadsheet)
➜ looking into a release job for Flow and Neos on Jenkins (proper pipeline and such)
➜ get new “patches on release branch first” workflow up and running



✔   done
➜   next steps
☠   impediment
ⓘ  background info
♫   celebrated
⚒   work
☃  snow
⚖  life / work balance in danger

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