[Neos] Node structure

Benjamin Albrecht benjamin-albrecht at gmx.net
Thu Sep 5 21:30:11 CEST 2013

Hi folks,

I've a question about the node / page structure in Neos:

If I have a look at TYPO3 CMS, there is a single root page, which represent the hierarchical starting point of my website.
This root page can contain content. This structure is represented by the following url schema:
domain.tld/ > root page
domain.tld/level1-xyz/ > page "level1-xyz" on level 1.

If my notices are correct, Neos has another behavior.
The site root can't contain content and is just a shortcut to the node "homepage" on the first level?!
This indicates, that I've two urls, which represent my "homepage" or "startingpoint":
domain.tld/ and domain.tld/homepage.html
Now I've the duplicate content problem :-/

imho another problem is the generated menu.
the root site has the same hierarchical level as the other pages on level 1.

Can anybody confirm this behavior or has the same opinion about this "problem"?


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