[Neos] To use or not to use TYPO3 Neos for my purpose

Aske Ertmann aske at moc.net
Tue Sep 3 09:55:52 CEST 2013

Hi Lorenz

> Yes, it works indeed and it is more user-friendly than the CMS RTE. Very good.

> If my Neos testing-by-doing works and I can do other projects with Neos, I maybe could help out with that.
Looking forward to it ;)

> Thanks for that suggestion. I was just surprised that the behaviour was not consistent. Having a site activated in the Site Management doesn't mean that it can be selected in the main menu. I don't know if multiple site support is somehow missing or if something just didn't work in my case.
Well it's because not much work has gone into multi sites for now, and everything breaks if the routing is unable to link to the other site so therefore it's not shown until it's set up correctly.

> BTW, if all sites are deactivated, there is still a site icon in the list of sites with no label. I'm not sure whether such small things should be reported as an issue in the bugtracker each.
Sound to me like a bug, please report it if you have the time. I can at least say that we didn't check that when making the new menu.


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