[Neos] Adding or Moving a Page Doesn't Change Published state

Nick Poaros nick at jamalade.com
Thu Nov 28 13:21:47 CET 2013


More to add !!

Having left myself logged in, with a non selectable page after being moved (not published through workspaces), whilst reporting post I found when i went back after 5 mins or so it was selectable! 

I then tried moving again after publishing again not selectable. After a few quick  moves an  ExtDirect error is  thrown up :
ExtDirect error: Uncaught exception #1297759968 (ref 20131128120950c32dcd) - Exception while property mapping for target type "TYPO3\TYPO3CR\Domain\Model\Node", at property path "": Non-unique result found for path "/sites/demorerootsite/who-we-are/fees"

However when dismissing the error box looking in the workspaces there is 1 (move) change.
Going back to view content there were 2 copies of the page, original position and in new moved position. Nether selectable and results in spinning icon showing busy. Going back to workspaces and publishing all (1 change) get message that all changes published but still one change present.
Both copies of moved pages are selectable and show changes in Publish button. If one is published there is a problem showing nodetree. Going into workspaces i got an error pop up with showAction controller. However there was still a change in there. Once I discarded that all ok again.

I guess there is something wrong ;) hopefully not too difficult too sort out!

I hope my explanation makes sense, just wanted to get as much of it down.


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