[Neos] Adding or Moving a Page Doesn't Change Published state

Nick Poaros nick at jamalade.com
Thu Nov 28 10:44:52 CET 2013

Hi Bastain

Quote: Bastian Waidelich (bwaidelich) wrote on Wed, 27 November 2013 19:12
> I think the actual issue is that the page is actually *not* selected 
> upon creation. Instead the previous page is selected (blue font):
> https://www.evernote.com/shard/s17/sh/dbf831c3-5f9c-4e75-8900-1e6642bc855b/23d731996a1e6977f0dd1ebdf49d48cb
> Can you confirm this?

Yes this is the case. I tested when adding pages at site root in sub-pages and the new page (node) is not selected the containing (parent) page remains selected. But why does selection determine whether there is a change of state?



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