[Neos] Re: Adding or Moving a Page Doesn't Change Published state

Nick Poaros nick at jamalade.com
Wed Nov 27 17:43:20 CET 2013

Sorry Re posted because I left off something when Moving 

Adding a Page:
I have noticed that when you add a new page using the + button the published state doesn't change.
In the Page tree the Site root gets selected but no state change to Publish. When checking in workspace the 1 (one) change is in there. However if you select the New Page in the page tree it then changes the published state as expected, with 2 (two) changes in the workspace. Is this a bug?

Moving a Page:
If you move a Page (already published) in the page tree no state change ie. still published nothing in Workspaces, BUT the change is visible when viewing website. 
If you move a page into another page or shortcut again no state change but there the change is in the workspace. This time the change is NOT visible when viewing website fronted. Is this the expected/wanted behaviour? 



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