[Neos] RFC: Get rid of "lastVisitedUri"

Aske Ertmann aske at moc.net
Tue Nov 26 11:46:03 CET 2013

Hey again

>>> I can't judge whether this very drawback is negligible or not, but I agree to the measures (putting it in an external file…).
>> I see your new patch set and since it now relies on the node identifier,
>> it's not possible to put in a file, which I guess is why you kept it that way.
> What makes you think that?
> We could add the current node identifier to a meta tag or pass it to the script via data-neos-* arguments in the <script> tag.
> I only did not put it in an external file because we're missing a concept for that (I think we need something like "includeJSFooter" in CMS that merges those scripts into one. I mainly wanted to keep the change small.
Well that’s true, didn’t really consider this option since it’s more code to achieve it of course. Also a native JavaScript selector for getting the value, but that should be fine.
Regarding the concept for includeJSFooter, that’s true but that doesn’t mean we can’t do it. It would just be a script tag with a src attribute instead of a inline script, but the TypoScript necessary to remove it would be the same..

>>> This breaks support for installations without RewriteEngine support.
>>> It also breaks custom routes and it leads to a 404 if the page has been moved in the meantime.
>> This is somewhat true. The URL stored is the one pages actually being accessed on, which would take RewriteEngine into account
>> [...] However regarding the 404 it actually checked if the path could be found before redirecting
> I tested it and it doesn't do that properly:
> http://localhost/neos/Web/index.php/neos even throws an exception upon login "/sites/neosdemotypo3org/index.php/ is not a valid path: must start but not end with a slash."
> After flushing the session storage it tries to redirect me to
> http://localhost/neos/Web/@user-admin -> 404
I wasn’t saying it worked, just that it already does consider those things but it doesn’t work with RewriteEngine since that wasn’t considered and only something we’ve started supporting afterwards. So the redirect check / logic doesn’t work in this case, but the path stored does include the RewriteEngine stuff.

In any case I think it’s better to use the identifier anyway so I’m not trying to argue against it, just clearing some things up.

Best regards

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