[Neos] RFC: Get rid of "lastVisitedUri"

Bastian Waidelich bastian at typo3.org
Tue Nov 26 11:16:47 CET 2013

Aske Ertmann wrote:

>> I can't judge whether this very drawback is negligible or not, but I agree to the measures (putting it in an external file…).

> I see your new patch set and since it now relies on the node identifier,
> it's not possible to put in a file, which I guess is why you kept it that way.

What makes you think that?
We could add the current node identifier to a meta tag or pass it to the 
script via data-neos-* arguments in the <script> tag.
I only did not put it in an external file because we're missing a 
concept for that (I think we need something like "includeJSFooter" in 
CMS that merges those scripts into one. I mainly wanted to keep the 
change small.

>> This breaks support for installations without RewriteEngine support.
>> It also breaks custom routes and it leads to a 404 if the page has been moved in the meantime.

> This is somewhat true. The URL stored is the one pages actually being accessed on, which would take RewriteEngine into account
> [...] However regarding the 404 it actually checked if the path could be found before redirecting

I tested it and it doesn't do that properly:
http://localhost/neos/Web/index.php/neos even throws an exception upon 
login "/sites/neosdemotypo3org/index.php/ is not a valid path: must 
start but not end with a slash."
After flushing the session storage it tries to redirect me to
http://localhost/neos/Web/@user-admin -> 404

Bastian Waidelich

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