[Neos] Problem with 2 Neos sites

Nick Poaros nick at jamalade.com
Thu Nov 21 15:33:39 CET 2013

Hi all

Starting from a fresh  install of Neos Beta1 which I then updated to development master I noticed the following:

Initially set up the Neos Demo site, checked it was all working and seemed fine, with a virtual host name of neosb1.demo.

I then created a new site (basic no changes) from the back end with a virtual host of mySite.demo.

Using the Site Management I made sure each site had the appropriate domain name set.

I have noticed though that only one of the sites works at any one time and this depends on which one is loaded first after force flushing the cache.

If Neos Demo Site loaded first i.e. http://neosb1.demo/ that works but if then try and load http://mySite.demo/ I get this exception:

Exception while rendering
No "landingPage" TypoScript object found. Please make sure to define one in your TypoScript configuration. (20131121142140e14641)

However if I then force flush the cache and load http://mySite.Demo/ the basic site comes up but if I try and load the Neos Demo  http://neosb1.demo/ I get this exception:

Exception while rendering
Invalid paths: path of starting point must first part of end point path.

Not sure what is going on and if its a known issue or not.

Best regards


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