[Neos] Date and Location for a 1.0 Release Code Sprint

Andreas Förthner andreas.foerthner at netlogix.de
Wed Nov 6 14:57:33 CET 2013

Hi all,

it would be cool, if you could add your names to the doodle voting :-) And
do you have any opinions regarding the location?

Thanks and happy beta sprinting!


Am 31.10.13 10:35 schrieb "Andreas Förthner" unter
<andreas.foerthner at netlogix.de>:

>Hello everyone!
>Now that we have an official release date for 1.0, we discussed with some
>guys yesterday, that it would be nice to have a final code sprint the
>days directly before the 1.0 release. What I would imagine is to start
>the weekend before and end on 10.12. with a nice release party in the
>evening. What do you think regarding the date? I set up a doodle, to see
>who would be there and how many days you would prefer to have for this
>code sprint: http://doodle.com/a5sw4quxfugvx5vt
>Regarding the location I can offer our offices in Nuremberg. We have some
>nice training rooms with beamers and fast internet, and well, we have
>vibiemme ;-) Besides that we would have a contract with a hotel very
>close to our offices, where we would get really good rates for everybody.
>And of course we would sponsor and organize the release party ;-)
>I think we should try to get the date and location fixed as soon as
>possible, to be able to organize everything in time. What do you think
>about the whole idea, dates and location? Any other possibilities you
>would prefer? Of course I¹d love to welcome you in Nuremberg, just tell
>me what you thinkŠ
>Greets Andi
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