[Neos] Neos STATUS UPDATE: Road to Beta1

Andreas Förthner andreas.foerthner at netlogix.de
Tue Nov 5 10:56:04 CET 2013


I¹ll care for the setup authentication issue. Besides that I¹ll have to
update the policy as some new actions are now in use, that have to be
correctly protected (Service\NodeController->index|autocomplete).

Greets Andi

Am 04.11.13 21:06 schrieb "Sebastian Kurfürst" unter <sebastian at typo3.org>:

>Hey everybody,
>THANKS for an awesome conference and *lots of contributions* in the last
>days and weeks. Keep it coming, we're having around one week left until
>Beta1; still a lot to do, but the list is continuously shrinking!
>I updated the google doc:
>Since the last update, the following things were DONE/MERGED:
>  * we released an alpha7 and had an awesome T3CON :-D
>  * polish demo site
>  * polish wireframe mode CSS styling
>  * updated labels
>  * improved cookbook documentation, now being rendered at
>  * graceful error handling if content elements are broken
>  * Editing handles fall apart in a lot of situations (now they don't
>    anymore)
>... and a whole lot of bugfixes I did not have on the list :-)
>Currently UNDER REVIEW are:
>  * Link Handling automatic redirects (only part missing) !! Please help
>    to get this in soon:
>  * Aloha settings from NodeTypes are not working (at format select
>    box): https://review.typo3.org/#/c/25162/
>  * Browser back does use a stale version of the page, AJAX loaded
>    content is not shown; fixed with: https://review.typo3.org/#/c/25163/
>  * improve formatting selector and make it more robust:
>    https://review.typo3.org/#/c/25162/
>  * Content handles sometimes don¹t show up (eg. after uploading image)
>    https://review.typo3.org/#/c/25164/
>In-Progress/Being worked on are:
>  * Views Component: https://review.typo3.org/#/c/24949/
>  * New Website is being worked on
>Still important issues to be tackled until the beta:
>  * !!! Updated TYPO3.Flow Resource management must be merged, right?
>    (@Robertlemke)
>  * !!! move Page and Shortcut to NodeTypes package (everything
>    non-final and non-abstract) -- WIP at
>    https://review.typo3.org/#/q/topic:52020,n,z
>  * *Setup authentication broken in production context*
>  * *Navigate structure tree click on nested ContentCollection causes
>    wrong behavior (browser goes to another page) if the content element
>    was not found (e.g. not rendered correctly), this is really annoying*
>  * Aloha Link plugin appears when just focussing into a text --> does
>    somebody know how to reproduce this?
>  * Related Nodes Selector (Robert is working on this one)
>Anything I forgot and you'd like to see on the list of things to be
>tackled for the beta? Any important issue you have on your mind not
>being in here? Then please share it NOW :-)
>It's a pleasure to work together with this awesome group of people,
>everybody involved. I am thrilled we can make something great happen!
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