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Sun May 19 00:00:10 CEST 2013

Now, what does this mean for us? I think it means we should provide functionality in most all of the areas and this functionality must be completely integrated. Areas would be:

Social Media Integration (in/outbound)
Posting to Social Networks could be seen as a standard. More important would be to have a standardized way to connect to major social networks in order to create profiles or agregate existing profiles (see point community management /CRM) with the information from SN. Lithium is doing a great job with their solutions and major use cases could be implemented. 

Personalization of content (based on all kind of criteria you can imagine)
This one is fmpov a very important one. There should be functionality that lets you create rule based personalization of content easily. Customer Data could come from Social Networks, imported manually, gathered anonymously throughout the website, via remarketing, from newsletter campaigns etc.  Personalization is a main driver of conversion and could therefor not be overestimated.

Campaign Management
It should be easy to manage marketing and sales campaigns throughout large platforms. Basically this means that a set of content changes, and/or a set of personalization changes could be prepared, tested with a small audience and pushed live alltogheter. It should be possible to integrate analytics tools easily. Futhermore E-Mail Marketing should be part of the campaign management. That does not mean we need to have our own mailchimp built but it means that you can integrate major newsletter providers and at least manage (organize) the campaigns. 

Asset Management
One important thing about asset management ist collaboration. In large organizations, particularly international ones, work on digital asset is done over and over again simply because the guy in canada did not know that the girl in france was preparing that very same product picture xy just 2 days ago. Additionally a standardized  file manager where external contributor can donwload/upload files would be a great help. 

Community Management/CRM
In order to create a better Digital Experience its all about customer data. Fmpov there should be two kinds: First the anonymous ones - this is data which we have collected from visits of users on our platform but we did not have the possibilty to identify him. That means what we do is creating an anonymous profile. This profile can already be used for personalization rules. (i. E. if user has visited page 2 show content B). The other kind of profile is the identified one. Once an anonymous user logs in and gives some piece of identiy (like SN, registers with name etc) we know him. At this point we could aggregate data from other systems like ERP, Support etc. and can therefor enrich customer data automatically and in a high speed. All this data should be gathered in the customer/user database and should be a base for all kind of Digital Experience you might want to create. 

And there must be some standards. Thats where we should start from:

- Multi-Site

- Multilanguage

- Workflow Management (including Workflow Design)

- SEO management functionality

- In-Line Editiing (which is the defacto Standard in the enterprise class already) - I like what Jacob wrote about the editing stuff, hence I am still sceptical of the use of touchdevices - if this is - especially in the enterprise segment - a use case at all. I expect it to be a nice selling argument and customers will love it in presentations/evaluations. But will they use it in their day to day work? The good thing about this point is that Magnolia is launching their Version 5 soon, for with the proclaim that its going to be the first CMS that you can completely handle with a touch device. So maybe we just wait and see what they did there and make it better :-) 

- Device simulation (would be good if completely free definitions would be possible)

- A GUI that is fast, fun and looking just great. 

If we look around I guess Adobe is leading innovation clearly. But make no mistake, the solutions they have are great but even greater is what they do in marketing. So things look better and more complicated than they actually are. But the strategic direction is fmpov just perfect. And the rapid growth among Fortune2000 is proving them right. 

If we bring this kind of innovation into our product we can go places and NEOS will be as disruptive in the market as TYPO3 CMS was back then. That surely should not mean to copy Adobe EM but we should have a deep look and learn what we could use for our product. 

I truly believe that the world does not need another CMS - we have plenty of them and hey we have the second biggest (in the enterprise segment) already for more than a decade. What the industry needs are tools to create a compelling digital user experience for their users. Thats where it all starts: at the enduser. We "only" need to make drilldowns from what endusers are expecting today and in future and we will get to the features we need to provide for our customers. Thats a lot easier said than done, I know. 

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