[Neos] Behats tests

Sebastian Kurfürst sebastian at typo3.org
Sun May 19 10:24:33 CEST 2013

Hey Pankaj,

> What is policy about writing new Behat tests for new features? All
> Behats tests for all Neos features will be written in TYPO3.Neos
> package only right? even if I add/change something in TYPO3.TYPO3CR
> package to support the new feature? So in that case TYPO3.TYPO3CR will
> have Unit and Functional tests as applicable.
Exactly, that's how I would do it, and if I remember correctly
Christopher wanted to do the same.

> PS: Neos hacking continues on the way back to Goa :)
Awesome :-D It was great to have you at the sprint and meet you in real


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