[Neos] Full text search one Neos Site

Chanthorn Ngeth chanthorn at web-essentials.asia
Thu May 30 06:34:24 CEST 2013

Hi All,

I want to have a search functionality in my Neos website.
I have found one plugin called "TechDivision.Neos.Search" then I 
followed the guideline. In the installation area, we need to run the 
command line for including this plugin to our package:
composer require techdivision/neos-search \*

I couldn't execute this command, because I got an error message:

Your requirements could not be resolved to an installable set of packages.

   Problem 1
     - Installation request for typo3/buildessentials dev-master -> 
satisfiable by typo3/buildessentials[dev-master].
     - Conclusion: remove typo3/flow-composer-installers dev-master
     - typo3/buildessentials dev-master requires composer/installers 
 >=1.0.2,<1.1 -> satisfiable by composer/installers[1.0.x-dev, v1.0.2, 
     - don't install composer/installers 1.0.x-dev|don't install 
typo3/flow-composer-installers dev-master
     - don't install composer/installers v1.0.2|don't install 
typo3/flow-composer-installers dev-master
     - don't install composer/installers v1.0.3|don't install 
typo3/flow-composer-installers dev-master
     - Installation request for typo3/flow-composer-installers == 
9999999-dev -> satisfiable by typo3/flow-composer-installers[dev-master].

Installation failed, reverting composer.json to its original content.

I guest it because of my composer version. I decided to clone two 
plugins are "TechDivision.Neos.Search" and "TechDivision.Search" to put 
in Packages/Application/ and in my Typoscript I added this line as in 
the guideline:
include: resource://TechDivision.Neos.Search/Private/TypoScript/Root.ts2

I have run command flow to activate these two packages and expected to 
see the plugin when adding content in backend, but it didn't show me any 

Do you all here have any experience with this configuration or do you 
know other plugin can assist my need?

Thank you for your times,

Kind regards,

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