[Neos] A question to the neos core team about TypoScriptView and rendering a page standalone

Christian Müller christian.mueller at typo3.org
Thu May 30 01:38:21 CEST 2013

Hi Simon,

lets see what we can do, although I must admit that I haven't tried this
use-case yet, so probably there is trouble ahead ;)

First of all you may take a look at the Standalone TypoScript render
viewhelper: https://review.typo3.org/#/c/16978/

Maybe that gives you already enough inspiration.
If you are only missing the controllerContext you can set into the view

Also make sure that you instanciate a node context
and set it into the nodeRepository (setContext)

The last is currently under refactoring and might change.

Don't have more pointers atm, but maybe that gets you further already.


On 29.05.13 10:26, Simon Schaufelberger (Schaufi) wrote:
> Here is my current code (called in a backend module so far):
> $view = $this->objectManager->get('\TYPO3\Neos\View\TypoScriptView');
> $currentNode =
> $this->nodeService->getNodeByContextNodePath('/sites/neosdemotypo3org/features');
> $typoScriptPath = 'root';
> $view->setTypoScriptPath($typoScriptPath);
> $view->assign('value', $currentNode);
> and then the rest of the code from:
> \Packages\Application\TYPO3.Neos\Classes\TYPO3\Neos\View\TypoScriptView.php->render()
> -
> BUT: The I don't know how to set the controllerContext to create the
> $typoScriptRuntime

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