[TYPO3-50-general] TYPO3 Neos alpha3 on public web host?

Christian Müller christian.mueller at typo3.org
Mon Mar 11 08:54:21 CET 2013

Hey Mark,

On 09.03.13 21:45, Mark Johnston wrote:
> Up until now, the quickstart documentation for TYPO3 Flow and TYPO3 Neos 
> has been focused on a local installation, for obvious reasons.  I'd like to 
> learn how to get TYPO3 Neos to run on a public web host, probably with no 
> shell access.
very cool idea. I can say that I made it work already but it very much
depends on the shared host setup.

To give you the necessary pointers:

> Am I completely crazy?
Seems so ;)

> In particular, if there is a way for me to dig deeper to discover the magic 
> I need to learn behind the scenes of the flow:core:setfilepermissionsmodule.
So set filepermissions does not a big deal of magic basically it just
sets file permissions. The trick is, that Flow executes shell php
commands and this is the tricky part. You need to find out if and with
which path the hoster has installed a PHP CLI binary that matches your
web PHP version. This will be executed and the file permissions must be
so that the webserver user as well as the command line (and ftp -
probably the same) can access everything. Especially the Data,
Configuration and Web folder need to be writeable too of course. That's

If you end up with some particular error message just pass by again,
maybe we can work around that.


Christian Mueller
TYPO3 Core Team

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