[Neos] Re: Image handling

Aske Ertmann aertmann at gmail.com
Thu Jul 11 20:07:22 CEST 2013

Hello Tanel

I'd like to shed some more light about this. There haven't gone that much thought into the image handling yet, mainly due to lacking integration of existing resources. That has changed with alpha 4, but it's still very much work in progress. So for the first iteration we just more or less duplicated the behavior of CMS, but that's not something we'll be satisfied about. First thing is that we changed the caption from being a textfield in the inspector to be a boolean instead allowing enabling/disabling it for inline editing. This way we provide options for links, text formatting etc. Related to that it of course makes sense to make the caption alignment something done with the inline editor instead of a property.

The goals that we're aiming for with the UI is to make Neos suited for multi-channel/multi-device publishing. This means less layout options and more structure options, e.g. not making width settable but making different image layouts available instead. With responsive web design image widths are fluid anyway, so setting the image width doesn't make sense anyway. We're currently working on a new website design for neos.typo3.org, which will be responsive and will be used for the demo site as well.

One thing we need in order to make the whole image handling interface user friendly is support for selecting multiple images and further developing our expanded inspector. Most of these things will be per image and will reside in the expanded inspector instead.

Regarding your idea about the cropping preset ratios, that sounds like a good way of making it easier to crop certain ratios so I think we should try that.

Last I'd just like to add to the flexibility that we're aiming as Christian mentioned, the goal is to be very flexible but not to provide all the options by default like it's done with CMS. Instead we're trying to limit the options as default and make it possible to enable more features, instead of having to disable them every time. Of course this works very well with the ease of customization, which allows you to add more for your own default if wanted.

Thanks for your interest, we always appreciate good feedback. Feel free to follow our progress, but don't worry because we're aiming in the same direction and will improve this part.

Bset Regards

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