[Neos] Using NodeViewHelper Within a Plugin

Jeff Segars jsegars at alumni.rice.edu
Wed Jul 10 18:27:02 CEST 2013

I'm working on upgrading a project to Neos Alpha 4 and its mostly gone 
smoothly but I have run into one issue which I believe is related to the 
recent context cleanup.

Within my plugin, I use neos:link.node to link out to specific pages 
within the site.  Prior to Alpha 4, this worked properly but now I get 
the following exception.

Uncaught exception #1224479370 in line 89 of 
/.../TYPO3_Neos_ViewHelpers_Uri_NodeViewHelper.php: Tried to get a 
variable "fluidTemplateTsObject" which is not stored in the context!

When using the same view helper outside of a plugin, everything works as 

Is this something that should still work or is using the node view 
helper within a plugin a bad idea?


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