[Neos] Copy page tree in neos using command controller

Chanthorn Ngeth chanthorn at web-essentials.asia
Wed Jul 10 09:23:22 CEST 2013

Hi All,

I am using TYPO3 Neos alpha 3, I got problem with copy page trees in 
TYPO3 Neos because there is no option to copy page tree in backend yet. 
I have two page trees are "de" and "en" and I want to copy all the page 
trees inside "de" to "en" tree. Now I solved my problem by creating one 
command controller and implement logic for copying the nodes there. My 
command line is:
./flow neos:copy --copy-tree --target-tree --postion

Currently, I can copy only sub nodes of given "--copy-tree" not the 
current node example: "--copy-tree=/sites/mydemo/de/home" I can copy 
only the sub page trees inside home if it has sub trees not home itself. 
So if someone have an idea to copy its current node and its sub node 
please share. You all can find my code here: 

Anyways, I would like to thanks to Christian and Aske for given me some 
idea and concept to do that.


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