[Neos] To use or not to use TYPO3 Neos for my purpose

Lorenz Ulrich lorenz-typo3 at visol.ch
Mon Aug 5 23:05:27 CEST 2013

Hi there

So far I have been using TYPO3 CMS for all the websites I've built 
(okay, right after using Microsoft FrontPage :-)). I've been following 
the progress of Phoenix/Neos since the beginning and now I have a 
possible opportunity to get my hands dirty with. I'm building a small, 
private site and thought it might be a very good opportunity to learn 
how to integrate Neos.

But since I won't be the only one editing the site I would be grateful 
for a small reality check concerning the project's requirements:

- AFAIK the multi language handling is not yet integrated. Is it easily 
possible to have two root nodes, one for the english and one for the 
german version and route to the language according to browser locales?

- Is it possible somehow to integrate small picture galleries into the 
website just as you can do it with the CMS "Text w/Image" element and a 
lightbox JavaScript? Or would I need a custom Package to achieve this?

- Are simple tables working in the current content editing?

- Will I be able to update the current master to 1.0 stable without a 
lot of work?

By the way: When searching for a Demo I realized that almost every Neos 
demo found in Google is either outdated or not working properly. Maybe 
it would be good to maintain an own Demo server.

Thanks a lot for your advice and best regards,


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