[TYPO3-50-general] New templating system?

"Duch (aka. Grégory Duchesnes)" typo3 at ilomedia.net
Tue Mar 23 10:47:31 CET 2010

Le 23 mars 2010 à 08:34, Martin Kutschker a écrit :

> Karsten Dambekalns schrieb:
>> Hi.
>> On 21.03.10 18:10, "Duch (aka. Grégory Duchesnes)" wrote:
>>> Here is the link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eaeyNE9miD4
>> Heh, good idea to use the power of Firebug for the mapping!
> Too bad it relies on a specific browser. I'm advocationg Firefox, but forcing users to it seems not
> to be the right approach. But of course, if the target audience uses firefox or have no problem to
> swith to it, it makes sense not to invent the wheel again.

I must admit i never considered relying on Firebug as being an issue.

I never considered Typo3 as a toy CMS; it is IMHO a serious CMS and therefore is aimed at serious developers. I never liked the tendancy of other CMS (no names please) to present themselves a "so simple a kid could use them". No Typo3 is not of this kind for me, it is aimed at professional customers and therefore requires professional developers.

And... to be honest, but this is only my opinion, if one comes to me in 2010 and tells me that he builds his websites without using Firebug and all the tools it provides, i will not consider this person as a professional developer and therefore not hire him (or her).


> Masi
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