[TYPO3-50-general] New templating system?

"Duch (aka. Grégory Duchesnes)" typo3 at ilomedia.net
Sun Mar 21 18:10:01 CET 2010


The future of templating systems for Typo3 is indeed pretty unclear, i couldn't figure out if Fluid will replace any other templating system or if it will only be used inside extensions.

Though i must admit it is easy to learn (at least in the beginning), i do not like TemplaVoilà because of its extensive use of XML in the database, therefore i developped another approach that i'd like to show to the community.

It is based on an extension that only focuses on the mapping (when TV also deals with the look of the back-end and allows to create new types of content called FCE) + a Firebug extension (which you can consider as a wizard).
This extension is a bit like the good old automaketemplate system on steroids, it is configured by Typoscript and uses xpath to define subparts and markers.

At first reading, it looks a bit more complicated than a point and click solution, though IMHO it gives much more control, and that's why i developped a little Firebug extension to make mapping a child-play.

I made a little demo video (3 minutes) to show the community how it works, and i'd be glad to have your feedback guys (it won't be a waste of time, i promise).

Here is the link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eaeyNE9miD4
NB : the extension called jetts is already available on the TER and can be used without the Firebug extension (there's a great tutorial), the Firebug extension has not been released yet.

(By the way, i'm not sure this is the right list for this, so let me know)


Le 21 mars 2010 à 02:30, Simon Browning a écrit :

> I'd be very interested to know what the plans are here as well.
> We map all sites with TV, don't much like the mtb approach.  Will we need to learn a new method for applying designs to sites?
> TV is quite intuitive, I've been able to bring new staff up to speed with it in a relatively short period of time; ideally anything newer would be as good/better.
> Simon
> On 15/02/2010 11:42 AM, Steffen Kamper wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Duch schrieb:
>>> So will there be a new templating system? Will TemplaVoilà still be
>>> the favored system? If Yes will it be re-written to take advantages of
>>> Fluid (if this is possible)?
>> TV is different approach than FLUID. In general the technique is
>> perfect: map your objects to dom tags.
>> But the complete dom parsing is bit outdated, nowadays i would do that
>> with DOMobjects that are available now.
>> I don't know if there are any plans for v5 to make usage of such mapping
>> system, i think they decided using FLUID mainly. But may be Robert has
>> some ideas, he should be familar with TV :)
>> vg Steffen
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