[TYPO3-50-general] No backend on ubuntu server

Kevin Walter keivn580 at live.nl
Tue Dec 14 23:32:25 CET 2010

Op 12/14/10 11:07 PM, Peter Beernink schreef:
> Hi,
> "Kevin Walter" <keivn580 at live.nl> wrote:
>> The front end works perfect, first installer also
>> and it seems like some kind of realurl is also working because i dont
>> get id's in pages but real names
> Ok, if you can click through to different pages, it at least means that
> the mod_rewrite is working correctly.
>> but still when i click on the backend link i get an 404:
>> Not Found
>> The requested URL /typo3/login was not found on this server.
>> is what i get
> One think I can think of right now, did you place the Phoenix
> installation in a subdirectory or so?
> In that case, prepend the /typo3/login with the subdirectory
> Greets,
> Peter
Hi peter,

Still no luck yet,

i made a new vhost for this one, it sets the document root to the Web 
directory of typo3 phoenix, and then made a serverAlias to name it, and 
changed my local host file to the server
so no subdirectory's involved

any idea's, if you need any configuration files from my pc (like 
httpd.conf or .htaccess or php.ini) just ask, nothing to hide, just want 
it to work :D

Kind regards / Met vriendelijke groet

Kevin Walter

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