[TYPO3-50-general] Entity inheritance

Jochen Rau jochen.rau at typoplanet.de
Fri Nov 13 10:57:53 CET 2009


Abraham Block wrote:
> 1) I'm working on a website which allows an organization to create different
> types of fundraisers (chinese auctions, raffles, dinners) online. I would
> like if in their admin panel they can see all their "events" sorted however
> they want, but in one list.
> 2) Another site I'm working on displays different types of media. Some of
> the media is live interactive media, some are just recorded (audio or video)
> and some are plain text. Since these can contain vastly different
> properties, it sounds like a good candidate for entity inheritance. Again, I
> would like to aggregate them and display them in one list.
> 3) Let's say the different types of users in a system are also inherited
> entities (admins, regular users, something else, etc.), and you would like
> to display them in a list as well.
> I don't think its such a farfetched featured, and its trivial to implement
> in an ORM situation.

+1 for having this feature (also in Extbase 2.0). It's important for 
dealing with generic domain models.


Every nit picked is a bug fixed

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