[TYPO3-50-general] Scalability of FLOW3 and/or the content repository

Karsten Dambekalns karsten at typo3.org
Wed Nov 4 12:20:11 CET 2009


On 03.11.09 16:55, Helmut Hummel wrote:
> In the TYPO3 v4 world there are possibilities to do so (Database
> Clusters, file replication etc.) but since FLOW3 has a content
> repository, I wonder if someone already spent some thoughts on this topic.

Well, we want to make it easy to scale, but we will not implement that
actual replication, balancing and stuff in PHP. There are a lot of good
tools for such tasks out there and what we'll try is to make them easy
to use with FLOW3-based applications.

What that will be in concrete terms is not yet clear. In fact, if you
have any input to give, I'd be glad to hear about it!


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