[TYPO3-50-general] Questions about FLOW3

Nino Martincevic don at zampano.com
Thu Mar 26 14:52:30 CET 2009

>You seem to think that no code can be reused anywhere. I wish you all
>the time of the world to reinvent the wheel again and again.

Is this a serious answer or just irony I don't seem to detect as those?
It would be interesting to know on which data your assertion is based...

I don't know how long your software development track is but do you think 
it really works most of the time?
Then why there is always more than one solution/app for one issue or problem?
Why there are so many MVC frameworks, CMS and other systems that all do
the same thing, instead of reusing code?

Perhaps because everyone knows HOW to do something but is not satisfied
with the implementation or does not want to reuse already existing stuff
because he doesn't trust it?
Have you always reused your code, classes or whatever or was it just your 
knowledge and experience about how to solve it?

Some protocols and standards are successful, yes.
But apps come and go, so do implementations of already known problems and ideas.
That's the flow of the world. Some call it evolution.

Do you have found the holy grail to avoid that?

>Anyway, I think that this discussion leads us nowhere. Either we are
>misunderstanding each other or ideas of how software can work are too

Yes, by drifting into being offended or misunderstood hatred posts, just because 
one don't read the relevant parts and answer the concrete questions.
I guess there are millions of ways a software can work. 
Again the holy grail problem.

Even now after 15 or so posts nobody could answer my simple question
on the implementation and benefit of such a generic address type.

To me this all seems like this many everyday mainstream meta-communications between man and woman where the subject does not matter but only to dictate 
how to communicate and being proved correct, instead of trying to discuss and solve a matter.

This has nothing to do with ideas or misunderstandings, it's critical thinking
about a problem, If I'm wrong with my assumptions or there is a useful and
reviseable solution to a problem I won't have a problem to accept it.
There's nothing worse than trying to being proved correct after actually being wrong.


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