[TYPO3-50-general] Questions about FLOW3

Malte Jansen mail at maltejansen.de
Wed Mar 25 18:54:29 CET 2009

Nino Martincevic schrieb:
> Hi Martin,
> Martin Kutschker wrote:
>> Of course a specific presentation of address may vary depending on the
>> context. Nevertheless it is possible to provide a basic implementation
>> as a starter. The real application can extend then the address class(es)
>> to adapt the framework's version to its own needs.
> How this "basic" implementation might look like?
> If it's the same like the archetype patterns, where's the gain?
> These are well-known and quite simple things, I don't see any benefit in 
> polluting a framework with that stuff.
Hi Nino,

it seems to me, that you didn't get concept of FLOW3 and TYPO3v5.
The framework itself will not contain the Party-package. The package is 
based on FLOW3 and will be used by TYPO3v5, which is a CMS.
So the framework is not polluted by that stuff.

Having a basic address-implementation won't hurt, it will cover most 



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