[TYPO3-50-general] Questions about FLOW3

Timo A. Hummel privat at timohummel.com
Tue Mar 17 02:42:05 CET 2009

Dear Nino,
> While the first part is an "impressive" reading I cannot but state that 
> I'm having such a deja-vu at least once a week.
> While it is desireable to have one or a few good frameworks they should 
> not try to fulfill every need that exists in the whole wide world.
> But: the era of heavyweight, omnipotent dinosaur apps is over, we are on 
> the lightweight track (again) now.
My goal is not to create one "killer-app". My goal is to have a platform
which can host a variety of apps, all lightweight by themselves, which
can be combined together into a solution. Its like LEGO, where you have
bricks and build your solution of that. I think there is a clear

> To me it seems that everyone in the PHP world wants to build the 
> definitive one-does-it-all framework, ... no wait, platform ... no wait, 
> SAP clone ... no wait, OS clone.
My point of view is pretty simple: Lazyness. But lazyness at the right
point. Using a framework can also be considered as some kind of
lazyness. Its about the right tools; nobody would re-invent the
screwdriver again, and the same goes for the wheel.
> (Who actually works on developing software that creates business value 
> or earns money if all work on frameworks?)
Thats the point - I'd rather drop my project and use FLOW3 as basis, so
I can concentrate on my real projects again.

With best regards,

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