[TYPO3-50-general] Questions about FLOW3

Nino Martincevic don at zampano.com
Tue Mar 17 02:32:57 CET 2009

Timo A. Hummel wrote:
> PS: For those who wonder what my crazy vision is: I want to have a
> full-fledged network management solution, CRM, shop, HR, CMS, SCM/etc
> system available as OPEN SOURCE - yes, sounds a littebit fancy, but hey,
> we already have open source operating systems, browsers, and alot more,
> so after all, its maybe not that crazy? :)

While the first part is an "impressive" reading I cannot but state that 
I'm having such a deja-vu at least once a week.
While it is desireable to have one or a few good frameworks they should 
not try to fulfill every need that exists in the whole wide world.
But: the era of heavyweight, omnipotent dinosaur apps is over, we are on 
the lightweight track (again) now.

A piece of software you describe above reminds me of the 
always-again-upcoming revolutionary ideas of newbies who haven't ever 
created a really complex application. It's like the compact stereo units 
of the 80's: having all kind of fancy features but none of it good enough.

To me it seems that everyone in the PHP world wants to build the 
definitive one-does-it-all framework, ... no wait, platform ... no wait, 
SAP clone ... no wait, OS clone.
(Who actually works on developing software that creates business value 
or earns money if all work on frameworks?)

Anyway, good luck with developing that killer app.

Btw: have you ever "enjoyed" the "pleasures" of a hihg-traffic and 
distributed application? With stuff like distributed models, MQ, 
sharding, service busses and that like?
Have fun doing that with PHP!

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