[TYPO3-50-general] Need help with Routing

Bastian Waidelich bastian at typo3.org
Tue Mar 10 12:39:54 CET 2009

Franz Koch wrote:

Hi Franz,

> one thing that is already bothering me in realurl etc. is, that the path 
> patterns are not (easily) localize able - will there be a way in FLOW3?

Yeah, localization is definitely something we're thinking about. It's a 
tricky topic though and lots of other routing implementations are 
struggling with it.
We don't have a concrete solution for it yet, but the architecture is 
flexible enough. So we'll come up with a nice implementation eventually.

> uriPattern: 'posts/{post}.html'
> in this pattern 'posts/' would be 'hardcoded' [...]

in that example, "posts/" is a so called static route part and thus 
meant to be hardcoded. Maybe we need a new syntax for localizable static 
route parts (s.th. like "LLL:xyz" in TYPO3v4).

Regarding dynamic route parts the problem is not as distinct:
In your example "{post}" would refer to a Post-entity. The 
"identity-aware" route part handler will turn the Post object into it's 
string-representation. If the post's identity would be it's name for 
example, the uri part would be localized already:

that is similar to RealURL's lookUpTable feature.

There is yet another concern:
As you know, localization is not only about translation but about 
different number/date formats, sorting behaviors, symbols and so forth.
if the post's identity consists of its title _and_ post date, the URI 
representation could be something like:
..what about the german version

Well, I might better let sleeping dogs lie for now. But we have these 
issues in mind.
If anyone has feedback or knows a routing mechanism that handles these 
issues, let us know!


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