[TYPO3-50-general] Need help with Routing

Franz Koch typo.removeformessage at fx-graefix.de
Thu Mar 5 17:25:36 CET 2009

Hi .+ :)

>   uriPattern: 'posts/{post}.html'
>   defaults:
>     @package:    'Blog'
>     @controller: 'Posts'
>     @action:     'show'
>   routeParts:
>     post:
>       handler:   'F3\Blog\RoutePartHandlers\PostRoutePartHandler'

one thing that is already bothering me in realurl etc. is, that the path 
patterns are not (easily) localize able - will there be a way in FLOW3?


uriPattern: 'posts/{post}.html'

in this pattern 'posts/' would be 'hardcoded', so if I have a 
multilingual website, let's say in English and German, the pattern 
'posts' might be good for the English website, but for the German 
website I'd like to have 'eintraege/' or something. I think you get the 

kind regards,
Franz Koch

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