[TYPO3-50-general] PDF version of FLOW3 reference

Karsten Dambekalns karsten at typo3.org
Thu Feb 19 13:10:40 CET 2009


On 19.02.2009 9:35 Uhr, Sebastian Kurfürst wrote:
> - I'd say each Package can have multiple chapters, as one would expect it.
> - If we want to render one document per package, I'd use "Book"
> - If we want to render "Definitive Guide", I'd use "Parts" for each
> Package.
> Thus:
> - Book "TDG to TYPO3 v5"
> - Part "FLOW3"
> - Chapter 1 - Introduction
> - ...
> - Part "Fluid"
> - Chapter ...

Currently index.xml is a book containing an info section and the 
sections (within a chapter grouping them). To be able to render a book 
and a part from the same documentation:

* index.xml would be like it is now (defining a book). The sections in 
the current documentation would become chapters. An example of a "new" 
FLOW3 documentation is attached to http://forge.typo3.org/issues/show/2415

* when rendering a book containing multiple packages Part.xml from a 
package's documentation would be used. An example for such a file is 
included in the archive attached to 
http://forge.typo3.org/issues/show/2415, this could/should(?) be 
generated automatically when rendering.

Do you think this makes sense?


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