[TYPO3-50-general] PDF version of FLOW3 reference

Peter Beernink p.beernink at drecomm.nl
Thu Feb 19 10:04:12 CET 2009

Hi Sebastian

> Hey Peter,
> thanks again for your nice work!
No problem at all, as I don't have enough time to code intensively on the
project this at least gives me the opportunity to contribute to the project.
> I have some more suggestions :-) Hope you don't mind:
> - on the cover page, some more spacing between the "FLOW3" and the  
> authors would be nice, and maybe the authors should be displayed a bit  
> smaller
> - On the second page, the copyright is messed up "Copyright C 2007,  
> 2008, 2009 Robert LemkeKarsten Dambekalns"
> - The "Abstract" title on the second page is smaller than the abstract  
> itself. Some more offset before "Abstract" would be nice as well

Well I think those things should be possible, but do the authors agree on
having their names a bit smaller? :-)

> - Could you try to make the "emphasis" tag Bold?

Only bold or also italic? (I don't know how it is currently rendered)

> - Do we want color-coded syntax highlighting?

I've been looking a new version of the highlighting code, and I guess it
should be possible to add color-coded syntax, but I'll have to dig in the
different options for that.

> Overally, I am really happy with your results, it's just some minor  
> details which caught my attention :-)

At the end I just looked whether the changes I made didn't brake anything,
so these details didn't catch my eye anymore.

One other issue about the location of the documentation. Currently I upload
the PDF file to Forge at the issue  you mentioned some time ago. So the
ticket will get a bit messy with all the different versions.
Is there an other location to upload the PDF to?

> Greets,
> Sebastian

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