[TYPO3-50-general] FLUID and ExtJS (or other widget frameworks)

Timo A. Hummel privat at timohummel.com
Wed Apr 15 21:04:15 CEST 2009

> Give us an example please.
Sure. Let's take the netwatch24.com device editor. It's something like 
VISIO, where you can visually design your networking components. Part of 
the business logic is on how to store and load these objects. The UI is 
not aware on how these objects are stored, it just uses specific calls 
to store and load the objects and their attributes, and its also given 
calls to manage these objects (list, delete, create etc).

On the other hand, the ExtJS frontend is aware of on how these objects 
are interconnected to each other, how they are nested and also gives the 
user permission to edit their attributes either manually or by moving 
around. Now that's the UI logic.

Things are getting difficult if I turn on the workflow functionality. 
For example, a "create new device" workflow could define that the device 
is created, edited, stored, and then being approved by a 3rd party until 
it is finally visible in all parts of the system. That is where the 
difficult part begins; the workflow process is not completely in the 
"hands" of the web server running a specific script, but it's rather 
stored in the frontend's logic (which now merges with the business 
logic, depending on the point of view). Exploiting a given "workflow" or 
business flow on a regular MVC application is also possible here and 
there, but using JS in general, its even easier to "mash up" 
applications than it would be with a plain HTML page.


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