[TYPO3-50-general] Eclipse + PDT Versions ?

Sebastian qoo-ooq at gmx.de
Tue Sep 30 18:55:08 CEST 2008

Lately I had problems with a plugin (merclipse [for mercurial {great 
DVCS}]), I tried about 5 different eclipse installations and 3 java 
versions, till it made me crazy and I finally found out, that it were my 
java settings with locale set to german (plugin was developed on an 
english machine and the guy didn't know that it wouldn't work on systems 
with other locale settings [it's fixed now])
So I'm through with this stupid senseless many-days-consuming testing 
and trying.

Problem now:
Till now I used Eclipse 3.4 + PHPEclipse to read and play with the Flow3 
Code, which worked, till I updated to the newest revision, where these 
namespace lines were added in Flow3 everywhere (at least I haven't 
noticed them before), which made every php file have an error.
So I installed pdt, as I know that dev3 is based on pdt which makes me 
feel, that you guys are using it already.
Problem is, I get a "Could not open the editor: Editor could not be 
initialized." Error when opening php files in pdt view.
Already uninstalled PHPEclipse but still not working. Also tried to set 
the file Associations.

Could you tell me, which versions of
eclipse + pdt + other "handy plugins for php developement"
you use....
....so that I can smile and have joy in my life again ^.^ ?


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