[TYPO3-50-general] Release timeline question

Karsten Dambekalns karsten at typo3.org
Wed Sep 24 13:52:19 CEST 2008

Hi Mathias.

Mathias Bolt Lesniak, liliO Design wrote:
> Soon two weeks ago, I sent this question to Robert Lemke, but I have not 
> gotten any response. 

Hm, that surprises me. Anyway, I'll remind him next week when he's back 
from the OpenExpo in Zürich. So, expect an answer soon.

 > Thus I am trying this list, though I am not sure
 > the core group would like to publish the answer here.

Well, since everyone will quote and bug us on any promise we make we are 
rather careful on that front, right. :)

> We are currently scoping a large project, and we are wondering about 
> using FLOW3, as it meets all of our requirements. I think we could offer 
> at lot to FLOW3 too. But to be able to securely go for FLOW3 we need to 
> know the timeline for the final FLOW3 release. I know "It's not clear 
> yet" and it may be a bit cheeky, but I am asking for it anyway: What 
> does it look like? Next month, December, March '09, June '09...?

Well, we still aim for "some release" for the upcoming T3CON08, i.e. a 
downloadable package. We'll see, it depends on some internal discussions 
still, as well as some external output (e.g. namespaces in PHP).

And of course it depends on the timeline and domain of your project, if 
using FLOW3 makes sense or not. We definitely look for a handful of 
pilot projects.

> How would the timeline change if we e.g. funded two extra programmers to 
> work on FLOW3 fulltime (let's stay starting a month from now)?

Now that is another one we need to think about. You know, mythical 
man-month and friends... ;)


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