[TYPO3-50-general] New virtual appliance for FLOW3 development

Malte Jansen mail at maltejansen.de
Sun Sep 14 18:51:51 CEST 2008

Bastian Waidelich schrieb:
> Could someone kindly explain in a few words how I set up VirtualBox so 
> that I can access it from my physical (Windows) machine?
> It would be great, if I could simply start the virtual machine and be 
> able to access the FLOW3 sources through the file explorer and the 
> frontend from my browser.
> In manuals I found on the net I read that you have to bridge network 
> adapters.. But I couldn't get it to work. Maybe someone could explain it 
> in easy words so that even a Linux greenhorn like me can understand it ;)
> Thanks
> Bastian

Hi Bastian!
I have the same problem.

On an other system (with Ubuntu), it's pretty easy to add a folder.

So you have to install the Guest-Extension (de:Gasterweiterung).
- So you have to mount the cdrom with the iso first.
- Than run Application on the iso-image (./VBoxLinuxApplication.run)
- Restart the guest-system.
- Than it should be possible to add folder via vbox's "shared folders".
- Afterwards you have to mount it this folder

I'm having problems mounting the cdrom...

Perhaps somebody could make a short manual for the greenhorns.



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