[TYPO3-50-general] Beer3 - Array Syntax and View Helpers

Sebastian Kurfürst sebastian at typo3.org
Thu Oct 30 19:47:40 CET 2008

Hi Daniel,

>> As values, in case you want to write a string parameter, you have to
>> quote it. There is _no_ parsing inside the string parameter, so you
>> cannot use a variable inside a string parameter. (Example:  
>> {parameter1:
>> 'this is a string with nothing parsed inside'})
>> In case you want to output the contents of a variable there, use the
>> following: {parameter2: post.id} - so this is as it is in JS.
>> You can as well use arrays as values, so the nesting of arrays inside
>> each other is easily possible.
> What about accessing methods of the presentationmodel and/or the view
> itself?
I don't fully understand what "methods of the presentation model" are  
in this context. Could you clarify this? :-)

Concerning access to view methods: I'd rather forbid this at the  
moment, as I think it is more easy and clean to write custom view  
helpers for this (which is really easy to do anyways). However, after  
we started playing around with the templating when it is working, if  
we still notice that we need such a functionality, we can think about  
implementing it.

> furthermore support for submodels vie method calls like  
> (pseodosyntax):
> <f3:foreach presentationmodel.getListItems  as listitem>
>   listitem.displaySpecialLabel
> </f3>
Well, not fully - but as how I understood it the following is  

<f3:for each="{blog.listItems}" as="listItem">

The {...} syntax is actually an object-traversal syntax currently  
taking getters and public properties into account.

I think that's what you wanted, right?

> A default view helper "languagemarker" is missing imho.
Good point. We'll still think about localization.


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