[TYPO3-50-general] Beer3 - Array Syntax and View Helpers

Daniel Pšötzinger nospam at nospam.de
Thu Oct 30 09:28:32 CET 2008

Hey Sebastian

> As values, in case you want to write a string parameter, you have to 
> quote it. There is _no_ parsing inside the string parameter, so you 
> cannot use a variable inside a string parameter. (Example: {parameter1: 
> 'this is a string with nothing parsed inside'})
> In case you want to output the contents of a variable there, use the 
> following: {parameter2: post.id} - so this is as it is in JS.
> You can as well use arrays as values, so the nesting of arrays inside 
> each other is easily possible.

What about accessing methods of the presentationmodel and/or the view 

would this be something like:



furthermore support for submodels vie method calls like (pseodosyntax):

<f3:foreach presentationmodel.getListItems  as listitem>

Is this planned?

> View Helpers
> ==========
> I tried to look onto some other projects (namely grails) and wanted to 
> figure out what view helpers we might need as a basis. I thus talked to 
> Ingmar and Ernesto, and together we have made the list you can find at  
> http://forge.typo3.org/wiki/package-beer3/View_Helpers
> It would be really great if you read over these things and tell me if 
> something is missing, the syntax is confusing, or you would prefer one 
> variant over the other (<f3:loop...> vs <f3:for...> as an example).

A default view helper "languagemarker" is missing imho.

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