[TYPO3-50-general] ExtJs License

ries van Twisk typo3 at rvt.dds.nl
Wed Oct 15 18:14:10 CEST 2008

On Oct 15, 2008, at 10:56 AM, Karsten Dambekalns wrote:

> Hi.
> Here are some hints and clarifications.
> Sebastian Wojtowicz wrote:
>> Hey, I just read that for commercial use of ExtJs you have to pay  
>> 289 $.
>  [...]
>> But what if I use the Flow3 Framework to develop a commercial page,
>> which then uses the ExtJS package of Flow3.
>> Do I have to pay 289 $ to the ExtJs guys than ?
> * Read the license terms for ExtJS to make sure you follow them.  
> Unless
> you produce an application which you distribute under a non OSS  
> license,
> ExtJS is GPLv3. No money flows.
> * Do not confuse licensing of source code with the license for the
> things produced with that code's result.
> * FLOW3 does not have ExtJS as a prerequisite, you could still use  
> some
> other JS framework.
> * FLOW3's license will be changed to LGPL, because GPL is of limited  
> use
> for a framework.
> * TYPO3v5 will be released under the terms of GPLv3.
> Regards,
> Karsten
> PS: I am not a lawyer, if in doubt contact one.

Hey Karsten,

is it possible to use a BSD license for FLOW3? Any thoughts about that.
By doing this you (association) make get more (financial?) support from
the bigger companies. Because then it makes more sense to write large
applications under FLOW3 by large organizations. Just a thought...


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