[TYPO3-50-general] Name of templating system

Malte Jansen mail at maltejansen.de
Wed Nov 19 00:01:54 CET 2008

Hi Bastian,

Bastian Waidelich schrieb:
> Malte Jansen wrote:
> Hi Malte,
>> Should the template system be really an extra package?
> IMHO it's one of the advantages of FLOW3 over other frameworks that it's 
> core can stay quite slim and that you can (will be able to) easily 
> add/remove packages on the fly.
> If I only want to use FLOW3 as backend for my REST api there might be no 
> need to have the templating engine included.
But isn't the basic template-system used for the default view or any 
other view like the exception one?
Shouldn't they be replace by the template-system?
E.G. The Exception-View "F3::FLOW3::Error::DebugExceptionHandler" is 
hardcoded. Later one you'll need to replace the View with some coporate 
identity for a customer...
So some basic functionality is always needed in FLOW3.
An standalone version could be additional, providing some API for 
external usage....

>> Or later on a standalone product?
> I think a standalone product which works great can be a teaser for 
> FLOW3. Furthermore we planned to implement the engine for TYPO3 v4 as 
> well to ease the transfer.
Could be done like with the cache-system...
>> - Why shall I use FLOW3, if I can just use the template-system?
> You don't have to.. and you will miss some neat features ;)



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