[TYPO3-50-general] Name of templating system

Malte Jansen mail at maltejansen.de
Tue Nov 18 12:33:42 CET 2008

Sebastian KurfŸürst schrieb:
> Hello there,
> I am still looking for a good name for the templating system (which is 
> currenly called BEER3). We need some more "serious" name, reflecting 
> that it is very clean and easy to use, and still really powerful...
> I'd be very grateful about your ideas :-)
> Greets,
> Sebastian

Hi @all!

After a small discussion with Sebastian K., some questions occured to me.

Should the template system be really an extra package? Or later on a 
standalone product?
Wouldn't it be better if it's "just" a Component of the FLOW3 package?

IMO the template-system shall provide a easy and fast way to transform a 
model (Homepage, News, Blog, ...) into a nice view/output (html, xml, 
rss, file) configurable with some TS or whatever. So an integration 
could enforce FLOW3.
-- Might be the most often used scenario for FLOW3 Model2View
Basically, you for a package you have some view some options 
(FLOW3CGL/Testing: select a packag), which the controller must handle. 
Afterwards, the a view of the report-model is embedded in the view. So,
the controller just needs to send the model to the view for displaying 
So, you need a class-model and Beer3-XML-view, which must be autoloaded 
by some function.

If there is a further standalone product it will degrade the advantages 
of FLOW3:
- Why shall I use FLOW3, if I can just use the template-system?
Shouldn't it be like:
- If you want to use a really cool template-system, use FLOW3!

I know everybody is very ethusiastic about a standalone template-system, 
but all dis- and advantages should be discussed.

Just my 2 cents to think about ;)



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