[TYPO3-50-general] Only blank screen, no exceptions

Christoph Blömer chbloemer at gmx.net
Sun Nov 9 19:53:55 CET 2008


Karsten Dambekalns schrieb:
> Hi.
> Christoph Blömer wrote:
>> I checked out the BlogExample. Everything worked fine.
>> Now I updated from SVN and nothing works anymore.
> Well, that's how things sometimes are. They shouldn't be, but the last 
> days we changed a bunch of things that even unit testing wasn't able to 
> "secure" fully.
>> The Blog Branch is missing the YAML Package.
> Right. Bastian, could you add it? Or Robert? I'm too lazy right now ;)
>> Exception Handler is not working. Only a blank page is shown.
> Hm. If there is nothing in the Apache/PHP log as well, check your PHP 
> version (5.3.0alpha1 is known to be working), the error reporting 
> settings and come back here with more details.
After enabling module vhost_alias i get the following exception when 
calling index.php from Blog Branch:
Uncaught FLOW3 Exception
#1200616245: "" is no valid workspace name. (More information)
InvalidArgumentException thrown in file
TYPO3CR/Classes/F3_TYPO3CR_Session.php in line 119.

Calling index_dev.php still results in a blank page. The apache2 
error.log only says:
[Sun Nov 09 13:13:35 2008] [notice] child pid 4835 exit signal 
Segmentation fault (11)

This is my phpinfo on Ubuntu 8.10 vmware and php5.3 alpha1:

I followed this installation tutorial:

I also have a second virtual machine running which was mentioned in the 
mailing list with a preinstalled flow3. the only difference to mine is 
that its running on ubuntu 8.04. Same errors but no blank screen at 
>> Furthermore, there is a InvalidPropertyException because the "Default" 
>> workspacename is not a string.
> That one is currently being worked on. Not a bug, more a strategic error 
> being uncovered by the recent changes. ;)
Seams there is a need for a Quality Plan ;-) Just kidding, but I have to 
write one in Software Quality Assurance for an existing yet not finished 
project and I picked typo3 5 bzw. flow3.
Just as a advance warning: I have to bother some of you in the next 
weeks if the professor approves the topic. ;-)
> Regards,
> Karsten
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