[TYPO3-50-general] Ideas about TYPO3 5.0

Peter Niederlag niederlag at ikd01.de
Thu Jul 17 10:51:44 CEST 2008


Christoph Blömer schrieb:
> Hello,
> 1. It would be nice to have a option in a backend where i can create a
> new Datatyp. Every Option of this Datatyp is connected to a special kind
> of formfield.
> So if i would create a new entry of this datatyp I would get a form with
> for example a calender, to select a Date.

That's something that $TCA already provides. IMO with 5.X this might
even be more simple.

> 2. If  this datatyp is created, it should be possible to connect several
> templates to this datatyp by file or by textarea. If this is done it
> should be possible to map the template in templavoila style or/and by
> predifined markers like in automaketemplate.
> It would also be possible to replace the markes by dropdowns to select
> the property of the datatyp which should be rendered at that position.

don't know about that because it is very detailed.

> 3. It would be nice when predefined Datatyps like the "Header","Content
> with Image" are coming with typo3 as a preset of available datatyps. So
> it would possible to delete them or edit them the same way. So there are
> not different solutions like the normal content elements and flexible
> content elements. The connected templates could be chosen when inserting
> the content element.

you can do that in 4.x already. you don't have to use FCE's.

> 4. A Frontentform generator: You should only a have the possible
> formfields which could be chosen for the datatyp. then you can just drag
> the form fields you want in the frontend to a  special  area  to build
> it.  Theres  no need to connect the fields to the form. It already done
> by defining the datatyp.

Afaik the separation of BE and FE will be dropped which should solve all
these kinds of problems

> 5. It would be nice to define the possible content elements for each
> content area on the website. Sometimes there are elements with a width
> of 400px and the right column is only 150px.

just make the width adjust to the column. that's no problem.

> 6. Defining the possible content elements which could be inserted by a
> group.

already possible in 4.X

> 7. A kind of color schema for the backend which could be changed. A nice
> feature I saw at the end of the demo on http://www.dabbledb.com/demo/
> was the creation of a color schema by the colors which are in the logo.
> So just upload a logo and the whole backend color fits to your logo.

That's a nice job for an extension. If you feel like ti you could create
it as a feature request for http://www.hackcontest.org ;)

> The rest of the features in this demo are also very nice.
> 8. A webdav connection to the new "fileadmin" so that i can upload all
> files through the browser and the files a versioned by the typo3cr.

we'll see about that ... ;)

I don't know if I understood you right all the time. anyway work for
TYPO3 5.0 IMO is still at the very basic foundation level. That is the
framework is being build up. I am pretty sure 5.X will really give us
very much power and enable us to build individual stuff very efficiently.

Peter Niederlag
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