[TYPO3-50-general] TypoScript 2.0 syntax

Andreas Balzer typo3 at andreas-balzer.de
Fri May 25 18:05:39 CEST 2007

Thomas Hempel schrieb:
> hehe... Two answers, one say why we only have double-quotes and die the 
> other one says why do we have both?
> Hm... I gues it's the most common way to provide both possibilities.
Hm.. Oh I was overreading that part in the doc.. :-/
Well.. Why I'm currently asking for single quotes.. My school forced me 
to learn Turbo Pascal and this system doesn't allow you to use double 

> I don't like that, too. I would prefer to stick the common "commenting 
> systems".
I don't like it too. We should use one or more of these:
/* Bla */
// Bla
# Bla
{ BLA }
(* BLA *)

The last two are coming from Turbo Pascal ;)
Well. Please notice, that TYPO3 should be able to identify the ending of 
a comment if it's in the same line as the start..


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