[TYPO3-50-general] OrthoScript

Sudara sudara at modernthings.net
Sun May 20 14:23:39 CEST 2007

These kinds of discussions are fun!

First of all, I trust the 5.0 developers - you guys are smart  
cookies. But I have to respond:

Typoscript (or any language, interface to a language, or  
psuedolanguage) is actually a User Interface - We should be spending  
our efforts making it tight, consistent and clean. "How can we make  
it do more while demanding less from the user?"

My hopes for Typoscript 2.0 is that we 'learn' from Typoscript 1.0 -  
it's strengths and weakness. I can understand people wanting  
uppercase 'TEXT' - let's not change the good stuff. We're smart  
enough to do that.

Case insensitivity? Newbee's aside, I don't want to look around the  
internet and see this:

10 = text

10 = TEXT

10 = Text

That sucks for beginners, plus it's 100% not-sexy. Typoscript is  
already self-inconsistent - My personal hope is that we take this  
opportunity to really think about Typoscript as the UI to Typo3 - As  
I've arrogantly pushed on Lemke before, we should use our programming  
kung-fu to do the heavy lifting and make the experience smooth and  
predictable for the user as possible. This is where Typoscript (and  
Typo3 in general) is weakest at present. We have all the feature kung- 
fu, but a lack of consistency, predictability, and smooooooothness,  
which is what we need to deliver in 5.0.

I propose a toast to using our intelligence to "dumb it down" as much  
as possible for the thousands of everyday users out there. Only when  
the hardcore developers think it's stupidly easy will a normal person  
find it intuitive and pleasant to work with.


On May 20, 2007, at 11:17 AM, Ingo Renner wrote:

> JoH asenau wrote:
>>> If you want to stick to uppercase, this makes a difference that adds
>>> inconsistency, IMHO. Plus it makes it harder to match TS names to
>>> classes/objects in an exact way.
>> Suggestion: Make it case insensitive, since it doesn't make any  
>> difference.
>> There is no TEXT, Text and text for different things (except  
>> text.whatever but this should be removed anyway), so it simply  
>> doesn't
>> matter, what exactly the TypoScript "Author" writes as long as he  
>> spells the
>> object or property correctly. Still the camel case should be  
>> recommended and
>> all objects should be written in upper case, but internally you could
>> convert everything to lowercase and just use it. It would make  
>> life for
>> developers a lot easier and remove one possible source for a lot  
>> of errors.
> good idea, but I see a problem with this: As far as I understood  
> Karsten
> they're mapping it to PHP objects, and their names aren't case
> insensitive...
> TEXT ->lowercase-> text
> someConfigurationValue ->lowercase-> somconfigurationvalue
> can't call
> new Text()
> $someConfigurationValue
> as you can't guess which letters to transform back to uppercase...
> Ingo
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