[TYPO3-50-general] Typo Wiki CSS overhaul

Denyer Ec denyerec at gmail.com
Wed Mar 28 01:36:40 CEST 2007

>   * No matter how the pros and cons are, I think we should stick to the
>     fixed width with the grey background like at typo3.org

This may really piss Trac off... :) Trac is designed to be full width,
and some modules really make good use of the space. I'll see if I can
do it with the existing markup, though it wouldn't make sense to make
Trac unecessarily cramped.

>   * Can we have "5.0.Development" instead of "developer.Wiki"?

Yep. Consider that done in the next update.

>   * Would be great if we could have the same footer as on typo3.org
>     (with the copyright notice and the grey logo). Maybe put the
>     "trac powered" log in greyscale left to the TYPO3 logo?

I hadn't even thought about the footer, I was working my way down the
page! I'll do what I can with the present markup to get it as close to
typo3.org as possible.

>   * Sub headings should not be grey and not be that big. I think
>     the rule was having just the same size as the regular text but
>     put the sub headings in bold.

Noted, though I don't like subheadings that are "just bold", I spent 4
hours mucking around with some typoscript as I missed a heading in the
TSRef!! I'm going to have an artistic difference with whoever suggests
they should look identical to bold bodytext, and campaign for
"slightly larger and bold" ;)

>   * In general, there should be no indenting for the paragraphs (there's
>     a little offset compared to the heading).

Consider it fixed.

>   * Generally: Is it at all possible to move the custom menu (which
>     is currently floating at the right side) to left? I would really
>     appreciate having the same left-menu like on the other TYPO3 sites
>     as this gives more consistency.

I'm still not 100% sure when and where Trac decides to fire that off.
If I move it to the left, you run the risk of either:
1) The left edge of the bodytext moving left when there is no menu
2) Having a large white gap on the left when there is no menu

Given the two options, it may well be better off where Trac wants it?

>   * The orange bar below the logo jumps a little in the y-position if
>     you switch forth and back to the .org site. Okay, that's really
>     picky now ...

You know I spent AGES meddling around with that! :) Depends on the
browser now, thanks to margin rounding. Opera nails it, as always. I
love Opera :)

I've got all those concerns noted down and will work on them tomorrow,
if anything else pops into your head or comes to your attention just
let me know!

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